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Got into a natural cause car accident

I loaned my friend to my friend who got into what I think is a natural cause car accident. He skidded and crashed into a pool because the road was icy. To my understanding, natural caused accidents are covered by insurance and since no ticket is issued, it was not at the fault of the driver. I want the driver to cover the cost of the accident.

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Ava Lynch

The term “natural car accident” doesn’t really exist in the world of car insurance. The accident you are referring to would be considered a collision and thus covered through your collision coverage, if you have it. I recommend getting an estimate for the damages to see if the damages exceed the amount of your deductible. Bear in mind that this accident will most likely raise your premium. In Texas in 2016, an at-fault accident raised premiums an average of $837. Consider that you will usually be rated/charged for any violation for 3 years. So that $837 will stretch to $2,511 over time. If the damages caused by your friend striking the pole are greater than that $2500, you might consider filling a claim. In terms of getting your friend to cover the cost, that will have to be worked out between the two of you. Usually, your insurance company allows your vehicle to be driven by infrequent drivers (known as permissive users) that don’t live in your residence.

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