How should I handle my daughters' car insurance when they're in college?

Our daughters are still shown as living with us even though they are in college and the vehicles are with them. Can we still insure the vehicle? The cars are registered in our names (parents) and show the cars being garaged at our home address. The girls are now 18 and we wanted to put the cars in their names but we need to pay the insurance. How does this work?

Jan 19, 2019 Tullahoma, TN

Ava Lynch

Jan 19, 2019

While it can vary by your insurer, I would recommend getting your daughters' their own policy and simply paying the bill. Because you own the vehicles, you should be added as the additional interest to the policy. This way, any claims payouts would be made in your name. Although the vehicles are shown to be garaged at your address, they're not actually there. Car insurance companies need to know where the vehicle is kept the majority of the time in order to more accurately price the premium. Depending on the zip code, the premium can change dramatically. It can be cheaper to keep the policy information at your current address or your daughter's, but you can run into additional issues down the road. For more information regarding car insurance and students, see our guide here.

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