What happens if I lie to my insurance company?

Can my insurance drop my claim entirely and cancel my policy for a false claim after I admitted the actual truth? I had told my insurance claim I was involved in a hit and run, however the actual cause of the damages was due to me losing control. After I told them the truth (recorded by the claim investigator). Would they still consider investigating and cover my damages and I pay the deductible, premium goes up. Or worst case scenario, my policy gets cancelled, I get fined and claim gets denied?

Apr 11, 2018 Seattle, Washington

Ava Lynch

Apr 11, 2018

It really depends on your car insurance company. You might be able to get them to pay out the claim and they will non-renew your contract at the end of your policy or they could deny you altogether. Any additional consequences, such as fees or legal charges will again depend on your insurance company. I would recommend following their instructions exactly to avoid any future issues.

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