What should I do if I hit someone and didn't cause any damage but they still want to file a claim?

It was a minor fender bender with seemingly no damages. No pictures taken, not much info swapped, no police report. Later, I received a text that there was minor damage, and they want my insurance info. I am concerned about making a claim, and how am I to know the damage is legit after the incident?

Aug 27, 2016 Los Angeles, CA

Neil Richardson

Aug 27, 2016

I would highly recommend contacting your insurance company first and letting them know what is going on. Ultimately, they may end up paying for some sort of repair, but rest assured that they will investigate to make sure the damage is legit. The legitimacy of the claim will be up to your insurance company to decide so you shouldn't have to worry about any issues of fraud coming back on you in this case. In the future I would highly recommend taking as many pictures as you can to help make things more clear for the insurance company. Best of luck!

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