If I hit two vehicles during the same accident, will I be charged with two at-fault accidents?

I hit two parked cars and they happened to be owned by the same person. I was trying to find a parking spot on the street and looked down at my phone. At that point I hit one car on the driver side and bounced over to the other side and hit another car. How will this affect my insurance?

Jun 30, 2017 Fairfield, CA

Neil Richardson

Jun 30, 2017

Since both of the damaged vehicles were a result of the same incident then it's likely that your insurance company will only consider the entire claim one accident. Our State of Insurance report shows that at-fault accidents have an average impact of $899 per year in additional premium in California. Given that figure is an average it's not a true picture of what will happen to your policy, but it should provide an estimate of what to expect. You would need to contact your insurance provider for the specific impact to your rate.

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