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How does HO-2 coverage compare with an HO-5 policy?

I’m currently comparing homeowners insurance policies. What are the differences in coverage between an HO-2 policy and an HO-5 policy? Does one provide more coverage than the other?


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An HO-2 policy provides very basic coverage for your home and personal property. It covers the home when the damage is caused by specifically named events (perils). The burden of proof that the damage was caused named peril is on the homeowner.

An HO-5 policy, on the other hand, provides very robust coverage for your home and belongings. It is an open peril policy and there is no burden of proof on the homeowner to prove the claim was caused by a specific event because most perils are covered (this can vary by company).

Good luck and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

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