Will my homeowners insurance cover my home office?

I work from home full-time where I have turned a room into a dedicated office. All of my work is completed on a computer so I don't have clients coming to my house. Will my homeowners insurance cover all of the things in my office?

Mar 19, 2017 Peoria, IL

Neil Richardson

Mar 19, 2017

Homeowners insurance does generally include a small provision for business use property, like a computer, but the amount is often insufficient. A limit of $2,500 may seem like a lot. However, if your home were to burn down and everything needed to be replaced, would $2,500 replace all of the things you used in your business? Very likely not. There is also the issue of liability exposure. Even if you don't have clients coming to your home, you may be held liable if a delivery person injures themself while dropping off a business-related package at your home. You should speak with your agent or broker to discuss your additional coverage needs to make sure that your personal and business items are properly covered.

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