How will my rate be impacted by opening a comprehensive claim? How is fault decided?

My roof rack, Thule, and surfboards came off my car while I was driving. I have coverage under my homeowners insurance for almost everything except my Thule, damage to my vehicle, and Yakima bars. My comprehensive policy will cover damage to my vehicle and the roof rack bars, and they are waiving my deductible because I am paying for it with my property claim. I was given a ticket for an "insecure load," even though I had been using the system without trouble for two years. Will my rates go up if I open a claim for approx. $1000 through my comprehensive coverage?

Jan 15, 2020 Seattle, WA

Kristine Lee

Jan 15, 2020

If it is considered comprehensive, there would be no fault on the claim so you can take that out of the equation. Comprehensive claims are best summed up as your responsibility but not your fault. However, it is possible your insurance could deem this loss a collision since you were cited for an insecure load.

If they have already told you it would be comprehensive, then I would go ahead with the claim. Typically, one comp claim on your record will not affect your insurance rates by that much. According to our data, one comp claim raised rates by about $72 a year, while a collision claim increased rates substantially more — about $767 per year if the damages amounted to more than $2,000.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


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