I have 2 cars insured and bought a new car but got into an accident before I could insure it. Is my accident covered?

I have 3 vehicles in my name, 2 are insured and the other vehicle is my brother's but is under my name. I got in an accident before I could call my insurance company to add it to my policy. Would the accident be covered?

Nov 17, 2019 Elmwood, WI

Kristine Lee

Nov 17, 2019

Unfortunately, you and the vehicle were not insured during the time of the accident, and if no policy was bound at that time, then you would not have coverage for the accident. Insurance will never backdate and trying to get them to cover an accident that already occurred is considered fraud. Though your other vehicles are already insured, insurance follows the vehicle, not the driver, and the car involved in the accident was not insured at the time it happened.

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