I paid out of pocket after an accident.

I hit a cement concrete pillar while backing up in a shopping mall. There was on lady in a shop in a nearest block where I hit pillar and she took a photo of my number plate. Since there were some damage to my car's tail light and my deductible is high, I decided to get my car repaired on my own expense. Should I report this incident to my insurance company? Furthermore, if this lady does file a property damage claim, should I speak with her directly?

Jul 4, 2018 Santa Clara, CA

Taylor Covington

Jul 4, 2018

Since you paid out of pocket, there's no point in reporting the car accident yourself. It gets a little trickier when you consider the other party: they could still file a claim against you and you would get stuck with an accident on your records. You may just want to leave your phone number with them in case they want to talk. If you're worried about how much your rates will increase in the event of a claim, here are some car insurance companies that offer Accident Forgiveness Coverage.

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