If I ask my insurance agent about making a claim, can they raise my rates?

I backed into my wife's car causing $6000 in damage. I have 3 claims in the past 3 years. Worried about filling another. Fortunately, I'm in a financial position where I can pay the damages out of pocket. Looking for advice.

May 25, 2020 Edgerton, WI

Ross Martin

May 25, 2020

While your agent could certainly help advise you about whether or not to make a claim, it's possible that they could report the potential claim to their underwriters who may follow up on it. At-fault accidents can add a considerable amount to your insurance premiums, so you definitely want to be careful about filing. Also, with that many claims on your record, you run the risk of being dropped by your insurer altogether. If you are in the position to pay for damages out of pocket, it may be worth considering going that direction instead.

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