If I sell my totaled car before an insurance adjuster sees it, will I still be compensated for the claim?

My husband and daughter were in a car accident and the person who hit them did not provide her insurance information, so we aren’t sure she has any coverage. We are waiting for the police report. If we sell our totaled vehicle before an insurance adjuster comes out, will we still get a claim payout for the car if she does end up having insurance? We still have pictures and videos of the vehicle, and our car was paid off. 

Nov 9, 2020 San Francisco, CA

Renata Balasco

Nov 9, 2020

It is best to wait and confirm whether the at-fault party has insurance or not. If they do, the insurance adjuster can take a look at your vehicle and collect the necessary data to move forward in the claim process. Since you have pictures and video of your vehicle, you may still be able to secure a claim payout with insurance (depending on your coverage), but waiting for a confirmation from the at-fault party will get you a definite answer through the carrier.

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