If my girlfriend and I get auto insurance together (we live together) does it matter who the main owner of the policy is?

We are unmarried but do live together and plan to get a car together soon. She plans to drive the car less than I do. But I have a worse driving record (albeit accident was over 10+ years ago) than her. She has a perfect record. Would it be cheaper to have her name as the main policy owner and add me? Or does it not matter?

Dec 22, 2019 New York City, NY

Kristine Lee

Dec 22, 2019

You will both need to be listed on the insurance policy to be eligible drivers. I would put the main policyholder as whoever will be the titleholder and registering the vehicle. I would also look at credit rating because usually the named insured's credit is the one used for the rating of the policy. The driving record for both drivers will get counted regardless. The Zebra can help you compare quotes from dozens of insurers here.

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