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If I’m buying a car but don’t have a license, can my dad insure it for me in his name?

The title of the vehicle is going to be in my name, but my dad is going to put insurance on it in his name. I should be getting my suspended license issues cleared up in the next month or so, but I need insurance before then.

Agent Answer

Neil Richardson

Louisiana law requires that the owner of the vehicle also insure it in their name. If you are the titled owner of the vehicle then you will also need to register and insure it under your name. If your dad is the titled owner of the vehicle then he would need to insure it under his name and add you as a driver if you will be operating the vehicle. If you won’t be registering or driving the vehicle then technically it does not have to be insured, but you would need to park it somewhere that isn’t a public road since you could be issued a ticket for no registration. Once the issue with your license is settled then you can insure the vehicle and apply for a registration with the state.

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