Which insurance companies insure foreign licenses?

I'm staying in Rhode Island with a waiver visa and an international driving license. My friend will lend me his car, under his registration, but I need to get insured to drive it for these months. I don't have a residency nor a social security number. How can I get coverage?

Jul 25, 2018 Newport, RI

Taylor Covington

Jul 25, 2018

Since the car will not be registered in your name, the owner of the car will need to add you as a driver to their policy, instead of you getting your own. If your friend's current company will not accept a foreign license, then they will need to shop around to find something you can be added to. There are several carriers that will accept a foreign license but there are other factors, such as your friends insurance history and driving history, so I cannot tell you which company will accept him. Keep in mind, with a foreign license, the rates are higher due to the insurance company not being able to verify your driving history.   Here is some additional information: Get a car insurance quote without a SSN

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