Can I buy a policy for two drivers and one car so that we aren't penalized for each other's driving history?

I am moving from Hawaii to Minnesota in September with a roommate. We plan on buying a cheap used car once we get there. Although we both have good driving records, neither of us want to be liable for the other person's current or future rates in the case of an accident or ticket. How can we insure this car so that we each have an equal stake in liability?

Jul 18, 2016 Minneapolis, MN

Neil Richardson

Jul 18, 2016

Driving records follow each individual driver. When multiple drivers are covered by the same policy then each driver's record will impact the total cost to insure them. Unfortunately, there is no way to separate driving records if you wish to both be covered on the same policy. If either you or the other driver end up with a ticket or accident then the only way to avoid paying extra for the other person's incident would be to get separate policies at that point or require the other driver to pay a higher amount on the bill. Sharing a car and the cost of a policy is a good way to save money, but that does not mean it is completely without its own risk. Best of luck!

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