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Who insures a vehicle that is shared?

Both mine and my daughter’s name is on the car so who should get insurance? She will be the sole driver and will be away at school. She has had 2 accidents, one at fault and one no fault.

Agent Answer

Ava Lynch

It is tough to answer the question without more information. If your daughter is away from school and living there full time, she will need a policy for that address. You can be listed on that policy as a covered driver if you’re going to be using the vehicle often.

If, however, she is going to school but still living at your residence, she can still be listed on your policy as a covered driver. Because of her age and driving history, this would be the cheaper option.

Again, it will really depend on the individual details of your situation. Bottom line, however, if she is living full time and driving with the vehicle, she will need her own policy. Car insurance is regulated at the state level and priced at the zip code level. Meaning, it needs to be specific for her location.

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