Insuring a vehicle owned by someone else

I am purchasing a car from another person. I want to use his registration until the title clears. Can I insure the car

May 11, 2018 South Hero, VT

Ava Lynch

May 11, 2018

Most car insurance companies require you have an insurable interest in the vehicle. So, if you are purchasing the vehicle and thus will own it, you shouldn't have a problem getting car insurance. The only issue I would see you having has to do with the title. The title is the state's way of knowing who actually owns the vehicle. So, if you have collision and comprehensive coverage and total the vehicle, the claims payout would go to the owner or the lien. I would be upfront and honest with any agent you speak with that you will be transferring the title to your name ASAP. If you're looking for quotes, you can use our comparison calculator.

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