Is it too late to file a claim for a loss we paid for out of pocket?

My son's dog bit another dog. My son did not think he had insurance to cover this and  he agreed to pay for the other dog's injury out of pocket. After agreeing, my son learned that he did in fact have insurance that would cover this. If he files a claim with the insurance company now, will they deny the claim because it was reported after he agreed to a settlement?

Dec 29, 2020 Denver, CO

Renata Balasco

Dec 29, 2020

If your son has coverage for this, he should still be able to file a claim, however each company has their own set of rules and guidelines. Depending on his deductible and how much he settled for, he might realize that filing a claim is not worth the premium increase. Have your son reach out to his current insurance company and talk to his agent. Since he settled with the other party, it may be a good idea to show the agent any documents (receipts, pictures) he may have involving this incident. 

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