I've had 3 accidents and am paying too much for auto insurance

I've had 3 accidents this year and the last quote I received was for $400/month. I live in a no-fault state and although the first accident was minor, it was my fault. The second accident wasn't my fault and my car was totaled. The third was my fault and I was ticketed for careless driving but I took the traffic course. I can't afford to pay $400/month but I also can't afford to go without a car because I have some issues with my foot. I'm also 26 and just started driving 9 months ago. HELP!!!

Dec 25, 2017 Tallahassee, Florida

Ava Lynch

Dec 25, 2017

Unfortunately, driving history is a big rating factor in determining premium and that's especially true in no-fault states like Florida. With two at-fault accidents within a year in addition to your years of driving experience, it's going to be challenging to find affordable insurance. Your best option is to compare as many different companies as possible in order to find an affordable company - which you can do here. See our guide on how to save as a high-risk driver.

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