Do I have to keep car insurance if I don't have a vehicle or title?

I no longer own a car and don't know when I will obtain another. Do I have to continue to pay for car insurance when I don't have a car?

Jul 29, 2019 Denver, CO

Ross Martin

Jul 29, 2019

Hello, You do not have to have insurance if you do not own or are not driving a car. With that being said, having a lapse in insurance will cause your rates to be higher once you do start a new policy. This is because of how insurance companies rate on how long you've been continuously insured. If you will be driving cars from time to time, you may consider a non-owners policy. A non-owners policy will cover you to drive any car which you do not own or to which you have regular access. This type of policy is fairly affordable and will help you maintain continuous insurance coverage. Good luck and don't hesitate to ask should another question arise.

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