Do I have to keep making my insurance payments for a vehicle getting repaired?

My insurance has my car. I was involved in a car accident and they picked it up 5 days ago. I haven't heard anything from my insurance to see if I pay my bill. I've called over 20 times. They don't pick up!

Jan 4, 2019 Long Beach, CA

Ava Lynch

Jan 4, 2019

You should definitely make your scheduled payments. I would continuously try and contact them. See if there are other contact numbers that you can try. Also, try sending an email. You should also be able to contact the location that has your car to find out if they have been in contact with your insurance company. I'm sorry this is happening but ultimately you just need to get in contact with your company. You can also seek legal advice if you are unable to contact them. You can find more information about the claims process in our guide to filing claims. Good luck and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

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