Am I legally required to list my son on my car insurance policy?

Is legal for my insurance company to require I have my son listed on my insurance when he has his own policy with another company? He has accidents and tickets on his record so he's making my policy increase. He lives with me and he's 29.

May 27, 2018 Rochester, MN

Ava Lynch

May 27, 2018

Most car insurance companies like to know everyone who is of driving age and has a license to be either listed on the policy or excluded. To them, it's simply peace of mind so they're aware of all the risks presented to them. Because your son is insured on another policy, I would contact your company and ask if he can be an excluded driver. With this type of policy, your son wouldn't be allowed to use any vehicles listed on your policy. But, if your company allows it, would save you from having to pay for him being on your policy. I would also suggest telling your car insurance company that he is already covered on his own policy. They may require proof of insurance, which should be satisfied with a copy of his insurance card.

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