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How long can insurance companies hold DUI against you in Kansas?

My husband is trying to get a new job, the insurance company for that job asked us for a DMV print out, after reviewing it they said they won’t cover him so the new job won’t hire him. He got a 2nd DUI back in May(?) 2013, it’s been over 5 years since the offense. He did have driving restrictions after that of course but is in the clear now. How long can insurance continue to hold the DUI’s against him, and why do we have to provide a DMV print out to them? Shouldn’t they be able to pull his information on their own? Thank you

Agent Answer

Ava Lynch

The lookback for DUI is 10 years in Kansas. The other thing your husband would need to think about is if his job requires him to drive. As that would be a commercial policy, his DUI can be weighted more heavily than another job.

As for having to supply them with this information, I am not sure. Their might be a privacy issue.

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