How long do you have to be insured before you can file a claim?

My son just started driving and was just added to my policy. My concern is that he is a new driver and may have an accident soon. I don't anticipate this but was just curious if he gets into an accident or hits something tomorrow or next week, is there a time frame he must be covered prior to ability to file a claim.

Nov 2, 2016 Carterville, IL

Neil Richardson

Nov 2, 2016

Your son would be covered as soon as he is added to the insurance policy so as long as the incident happens after the fact then he should be covered. That being said, if he files a claim within a short period of time after being added to the policy then your insurance company is likely to investigate further to make sure the damage didn't occur before he was listed as a driver. As long as things are on the up and up then you shouldn't have a problem.

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