How long do I have to pay for damage without insurance?

Okay, so I hit a car and did very minimal damage to the car. We didn't call insurance I will pay how long until I have to pay? I have been texting the driver when she wants to meet so we can go get the car inspected to see how much I will have to pay for the damage done to the car but she always text me back she is always busy. It has been two weeks. I am wondering how long until I don't have to pay for her car because I just want to get over with this whole situation but she is not letting me do so. Also at the time of the accident, I didn't have auto insurance but my brother did. I was just borrowing the car.

Aug 22, 2018 Modesto, CA

Ava Lynch

Aug 22, 2018

In most states, including California, you have up to three years to request damages for an auto accident. They also may be able to claim the accident on your brother's insurance since it is his car.  Also, most companies require you to report any accident even if a claim isn't filed.  Keep in mind, if the other driver does not want to deal with you directly, they can take legal action to have the damages repaired. I'd suggest keeping to try and contact the other driver to at least find out how they want to handle the damages. Otherwise, they have three years to make the claim. Good luck and if you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask.

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