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How long does the person I was in an accident with have to file a claim?

My daughter tapped a motorcycle a week ago and the guy said everything was fine but took her insurance info anyway. Now he says he found a scratch and wants to take it in to have it fixed but says he wont use insurance. For all I know something happened in the past week; is there a time frame for him to make a claim?

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Neil Richardson

Unfortunately there isn’t a specified time frame for that other driver to file a claim. Your insurance company is there to protect you from fraud, among other things. Your best bet is to contact your insurance company and let them know what happened. The alternative would be to wait until you hear from the other driver and see what sort of repair cost you may be looking at. For any future incidents, it is absolutely necessary to take pictures of any damage (or lack of damage) after an accident. This helps to keep both parties honest and avoid incidents like you’re facing now. Best of luck!

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