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If I have only the minimum insurance, PIP & liability and have an accident not involving any other cars, will my car’s damages be covered?

I had an accident where my car lost traction, went off the road in a spin, and hit a storm drain that didn’t have a cover grate over it. It almost ripped the driver’s side rear tire off and did damage to the undercarriage. Driver’s side side air curtains also deployed. I don’t have an estimate yet. Insurance company said it would not be covered because I only had the minimum insurance on it. I did not know this when I got the insurance. I’m 55 years old and the car is a 2010 Honda Civic with approximately 34,000 miles.

Agent Answer

Ava Lynch
Unfortunately, your insurance company is correct. Since you only have liability, your insurance company would only pay for damages to others. To have your car repaired, you would need to have collision coverage. Good luck and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

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