What should my mother-in-law do if her car was hit in a parking lot

She was out of her car at a local burger/ice cream stand ordering food when a lady hit her car and broke off her license plate. We don't want my mother in-law's insurance to go up and the lady in front off the cop told her she knew mechanics that could fix the front bumper area where the license plate holder was knocked off. What would you suggest she do?

Jul 9, 2017 Springfield, IL

Neil Richardson

Jul 9, 2017

She really has the option to go either direction and her rate probably wouldn't be impacted since the other driver was at fault. If the other driver wants to pay for the repairs out of their own pocket they wouldn't need to file a claim. However, if the other party decides they don't want to pay for the damage then have her contact their insurance to cover the repair.


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