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My motorcycle wasn’t covered in a non-fault accident

I borrowed a trailer to haul my personal belongings and the trailer tire blew, causing the truck to crash into a stone wall. The truck sustained minor damages, but the trailer was claimed a loss. When this non-fault accident occurred, my motorcycle was on the trailer and the bike sustained serious damages. Why is everything but my motorcycle covered?

Agent Answer

Taylor Covington

Unfortunately, there usually isn’t any coverage provided for contents when you tow something – only for the entity with which you are towing. Meaning, while the trailer would have physical protection extended to it, the contents you were towing would need to be covered by something else. If you have a renters or homeowners policy, you might be able to find some coverage there. For your motorcycle, you would actually need to file a claim with your motorcycle insurance coverage. It is specifically designed for situations like this.

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