How much will my insurance cost with a Russian DL?

Hi, I am arriving to NYC with my immigration visa/green card. I want to buy a car in NYC and then move to MD where I am going to live and register my car. I will have on my Russian driver license, my wife with Russian driver license too. I am buying RAM ProMaster Cargo Van 2017-2018. 1. How much will cost my car insurance? 2. Do you need to have our Russian driver licenses translated into English? Thank you!

Aug 16, 2018 Williamsport, MD

Ava Lynch

Aug 16, 2018

There are several different rating factors that insurance companies take into consideration when calculating your personal rate. Some of the factors include, location of the car, drivers age, type of vehicle, driving history, and even your credit score, just to name a few. In regards to your foreign license, each company has different rules. Some will not take a foreign license. For the carriers that do accept a foreign license, there is typically an additional fee, because they are unable to verify your driving history. Moreover, I would try to have the information translated into English, as this could speed up the process. If or when you have completed the quote online you can either select the confirm now button or give us a call us at (833) 768-7789 to speak to a licensed agent. Either option will allow you to have all reports ran and finalize the rate for you. In addition, you should receive an email of the quotes calculated for you once the quote online is complete.

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