My car is titled under my boyfriend's name and is now totaled but he's in jail. What do I do?

My name is not on the title (just bought the car from my boyfriend). I carried insurance coverage on the vehicle because I was driving it. Now that he's in jail and I don't have the title, I have a total loss claim on my insurance. How do I resolve this?

Jan 12, 2020 San Antonio, TX

Kristine Lee

Jan 12, 2020

The claim payout for the total loss will only go to the lienholder or owner and not a third party. Your boyfriend will need to somehow sign the check or the vehicle over to you so you can remedy the situation. If he has a lawyer handling his affairs, you may want to try contacting them to see if they can help work this out.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

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