My car was stolen - what insurance do I need?

My car was stolen and my car insurance company told me they were not liable because I didn't have "uninsured motorist". That doesn't sound right. Could they be wrong?

Jun 26, 2018 Houston, TX

Taylor Covington

Jun 26, 2018

There seems to be some confusion on what coverage would be used to reimburse you for your stolen car! Yes, you're right: Uninsured motorist coverage would cover your car, if someone hits you that does not have insurance or in the event of a hit and run. This does not apply to a stolen car. The coverage that you would need, is called comprehensive coverage. Comprehensive coverage will cover events such as, fire, theft, or vandalize. Basically, damage to your car that is not caused by colliding with another car or object. But if you do not have comprehensive coverage, you will not be paid for your stolen car. Keep in mind, to make a claim for a stolen car, you must file a police report. If you do have comprehensive coverage, you should contact the company to find out why they are not considering the theft of your car to be covered. Here is a helpful guide for next steps after your car was stolen: 5 Things to Do Immediately If Your Car Is Stolen

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