Is my son covered if he got into an accident before being added to our policy?

My son got his license in late July and hit a parked car in early August. He used the car that one day only, and lives at his college campus. The car is deemed a total loss, and now the insurance is denying the claim, saying he was not covered on the specific date. The RMV states that you have 60 days to notify your agent to add the new driver to your policy.

Jan 20, 2020 Medway, MA

Ross Martin

Jan 20, 2020

Sorry to hear about your situation. It's hard to say if your insurance company is wrong to deny the claim without knowing your specific policy details. Many companies would have required him to be listed much earlier because he was a known person in the household. It's possible that he could have also been an excluded driver. If you believe they are in the wrong, I would suggest seeking legal advice to help you through the claim process. 

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