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I need car insurance for a bad driving record in OR

I’m with Geico. I also have bad driving record and Geico shot my payment to 695. How can i get lower rates and with who? i have 3 or 4 accidents and Geico is charging me 595 dollars a month. And they say Oregon insurance rates has went up. who do i contact for lowers payments?

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Ava Lynch

There’s a couple of things going on here. First, it is going to be hard to find cheap car insurance if you have a lot of accidents on your record. Most insurance companies will charge you for 3-5 after any violations or citations. In Oregon, one at-fault will set you back an average of $709 per year. In terms of the rates going up in your state, they are probably referring to a rate revision. A rate revision can occur at the end of each year for insurance companies. If the previous year had a higher loss ratio to profit, they will raise rates in the future to make up for that. It will be independent of your driving record.
According to research, these are the cheapest companies in Oregon.

Grange $701
Oregon Mutual $836
Country $839
Travelers $933
USAA $960
State Farm $1,050
Amica $1,148
GEICO $1,167
Allied $1,191
Mutual Enumclaw $1,200

However, these rates do not reflect your individual driving record. The only way to find affordable car insurance for your driving profile is to shop with as many companies as possible. Use our comparison calculated here.

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