Do I need car insurance in Wisconsin if I'm not driving?

I'm looking to buy a car, but I can't drive yet because I'm not 16. Would I still need insurance once I buy a car? I'm going to be storing it out in a shed until I can drive; it wouldn't be parked out on the street or anything. Do I still have to pay insurance on it?

Dec 7, 2016 Watertown, WI

Neil Richardson

Dec 7, 2016

In Wisconsin, you aren't required to insure a vehicle until you put it on the road. There would be no need to take out a policy until the vehicle is registered and ready to be driven. The tricky part is getting the vehicle to your home. If it is being towed or delivered to your home, then no big deal. However, if the vehicle will be driven off the lot then it needs to be insured. The solution would be to have a household member, either mom or dad usually, add the vehicle to their policy so it can be driven home. They can remove the vehicle from their policy once it is off the road.

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