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Do I need a commercial or personal policy?

Do I need commercial car insurance if I only use my car to mail my products and pick up a few items for my business? I own an in-home candle business. I will only use my car to mail my products and to pick up items I need for my business. It is mainly my personal car. I think it is required by law in Montana to own commercial vehicle insurance if I am applicable. I live in Scobey MT and I am 19.

Agent Answer

Ava Lynch

I would contact your current insurance and see what they say about coverage for this type of use. It’s likely they will mark your policy as a “business use” under a personal policy.

Most plans will allow you to mark a vehicle as business use for minor use in the course of business like this to avoid going to a full commercial plan. Of course this may increase your rates slightly, but then you have no need to worry about not being covered while you drive. If your plan flat out will not cover such use I would look at switching to a company that will allow business use as I mentioned. Of course you can compare your current plan to others here

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