What do I need to get on my wife's auto insurance policy?

I am getting off my parent's car insurance and transitioning to my wife's car insurance. Other than my license and registration, will I need to provide anything else to add me on? I am currently paying off my car loan, will I need to provide information on that? If so what kind of information and documentation?

Feb 13, 2018 Lafayette, Indiana

Ava Lynch

Feb 13, 2018

In order to be added to your wife's policy, you will need the VIN (a 17 digit vehicle identification specific to your vehicle) of your vehicle, your driver's license, and for the loan the lien holder name and address. Anything else they might they ask that we haven't already stated would be company-specific. The only other step you may want to take is letting your loan know that you're moving insurance companies and make sure you are complying with their requirements. After this, make sure you remove yourself from your parent's policy so you're not paying for coverage you are no longer using.

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