What do I do if my parents left their vehicle to me in their will?

I have been a driver on their policy for years and they both recently passed away. Can I just keep driving the car while their will is probated and I'm officially the owner of the car?

Mar 31, 2017 Alexandria, LA

Neil Richardson

Mar 31, 2017

In most cases, people listed as an additional driver on an auto policy where the primary policyholder dies are still covered to drive until the renewal of the policy. Since the primary policyholder is no longer living, they do not have the ability to give another unlisted driver permission to operate the vehicle. What this basically means is that you should still be covered to drive the vehicle until the policy renewal, but you should not allow anyone else to drive the car until you have taken out your own policy on the vehicle. I would recommend contacting your insurance provider as quickly as possible to notify them of your parents' passing. They should be able to advise you moving forward.

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