Should I pay for damage out of pocket or file a claim with my insurance company?

My 16 year old daughter let an unlicensed person drive her car. This person hit two vehicles while backing up and one of those vehicles also bumped a third car. My daughter was not driving at the time and the damage was not extensive on any of the vehicles. Should I pay for this damage out of pocket or file a claim?

Oct 22, 2016 Greensboro, NC

Neil Richardson

Oct 22, 2016

A car accident can have a fairly significant impact on your rates so if they damage is not extensive, as you say, you might want to consider paying for the damage out of pocket. Ultimately, that decision is up to you, but our State of Insurance Report (page 58) shows that at fault accidents in North Carolina will cause an average rate increase of $426 per year to your policy. I hope this helps!

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