Should I pay myself or file through insurance?

I hit a curb and it caused a flat tire, dent on my front bumper, and some internal issues. When I brought my vehicle to the mechanic, they said the total fix would be $560. My deductible is $500. I replaced a tire myself and the mechanic's initial diagnosis cost $200 so I see that the full repairs would be $760. Is it worth it to file a claim through my insurance or just pay out of pocket? I know this will impact my rate but I don't know how much.

Nov 28, 2017 San Francisco, California

Ava Lynch

Nov 28, 2017

In my opinion, you would not benefit from filing a claim since the repair costs are so close to your deductible. Our State of Auto Insurance (page 58) report shows that an at-fault accident in California has an average impact of $899 per year in additional premium. You would also be paying that additional amount for at least 3 years. My recommendation would be to pay for the repairs yourself and avoid a potentially major increase in your rate.

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