Do I have to pay insurance while my claim is being paid out?

My daughter was in an accident that she was considered at fault, the car was totaled, won't be replaced. Why are we still being charged ins.? Why would we still need to pay insurance on a car we haven't had in over a month. Do we still have to pay because she is seeing Dr.'s? They already doubled our insurance for 2 of our other cars.

Dec 8, 2018 Austin, TX

Ava Lynch

Dec 8, 2018

You would not need to carry insurance on the car that was totaled. You should be able to remove the car at any time and the claim will still be processed. Now, if your daughter will no longer be driving, you will need to exclude her from the policy, meaning she is not covered to drive at all. Removing the car and excluding your daughter should lower the cost but since there was an accident on the policy, you will still see an increase. For more information, see our guide to claims and the entire claims process. Good luck and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

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