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Who pays for damage I caused while using a company vehicle on company time

If I am a driver who was involved in a car accident while driving a company bus on company time, who is the responsible party for damages? I was traveling westbound, got in center lane to turn left into a private parking lot when a car traveling eastbound struck my bus on front right side passenger door. Who is at fault?

Agent Answer

Ava Lynch

Unfortunately, fault can only be determined by claims adjuster personally assigned to the accident. However, for the other part of your question, because you were driving your company’s vehicle on company time, if you were to be found at-fault then the company’s insurance would take cover the damages. Bear in mind, the accident can still show up on your driving history for up to 5 years if found at fault. Sometimes, if the damages exceed your companies limits then they may use your insurance to cover the additional damages.

If you’re looking for more information regarding the claims process, see our additional resource How to file a claim.

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