Who pays for the repair on a rental vehicle involved in a hit and run?

The driver of the guilty vehicle backed into the rental car while the innocent driver and he were in a left turn lane. The guilty driver sped off before the innocent driver was able to obtain any info from the guilty party. Now the rental company wants $2700.

Feb 8, 2017 Whitehall, OH

Neil Richardson

Feb 8, 2017

Once the deductible is paid then the insurance company covering the vehicle would complete the repair. If the $2,700 comes from "loss of use" fees, since the vehicle is out of commission and can't be rented out, then the driver filing the claim may have to pay for those fees out of pocket. Depending on whether the driver purchased coverage for the rental through the rental agency, or is using their personal auto policy, they would need to contact whichever company was insuring the vehicle at that time.

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