If my policy is being non-renewed because of multiple PIP claims, how will I be able to get coverage anywhere else?

I have been involved in three accidents between February and August 2016, but I was not at fault in any of those accidents. I did have to use my PIP coverage after two of those accidents and now State Farm is telling me that they are not going to renew my policy. At this point I'm having trouble finding coverage anywhere in central Florida. What can I do?

Nov 12, 2016 Sanford, FL

Neil Richardson

Nov 12, 2016

Unfortunately, those PIP claims are going to work against you until they pass three years so it's going to be fairly difficult to find a well-known company willing to insure you. More than likely you will need a non-standard insurance company for the time being. Luckily there are quite a few in Florida so I would recommend contacting local agents in your area, let them know your situation, and they should be able to point you in the right direction.

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