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When quoting online for new insurance, how do I list an accident where I was not at fault but also uninsured?

The insurance quotes I am navigating require that I list my driving history, and I’m not sure how I take my most recent accident into account. The other driver’s insurance company paid for all the damage on my vehicle, but I don’t know if new insurance companies will consider me at fault because I didn’t have my own policy at the time.

Agent Answer

Neil Richardson

Even if you were without insurance at the time of the accident, if the other driver was found to be at fault then your insurance status should have no bearing on that (with the exception of Louisiana). I would recommend selecting a “not at fault” accident and proceed forward. Ultimately your driving history report will be ordered by the new insurance company and your accident will be properly accounted for on your premium. If you see a huge increase after the driving report you should ask why it changed and consider shopping around again.

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