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What does Rate Lock mean, and can I make adjustments to collision and comprehensive deductibles?

I need a lower rate, my insurance now has gone up and I have other financial responsibilities that come first.

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Kristine Lee

“Rate Lock” is a term defined by the specific company that is offering that type of feature — I believe it’s Erie that offers this. This feature will “lock in” your rate, even if you file a claim, until changes are made to your policy (i.e. adding a vehicle or driver, change of address).

You’d need to contact your insurance company to see if you can adjust your deductibles. You can lower your premium by opting for higher deductibles, but keep in mind you’d need to pay this pricier deductible should you get in an accident before your insurance covers the rest. You can read more here about deductibles and how to choose amounts.

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Good luck and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Below is some information you might find useful.

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