If I received a bill from a rental car company from another party that I hit, am I responsible for paying the full cost?

I bumped someone who stopped short in a lot of stop and go traffic. It was too dangerous to get out of the car and exchange insurance info. 5 months later I get a bill for $600 from a collection agency representing a rental car company. I do not want to report this accident as I had another one where someone backed out of a parking space into me and it was costly. Since the dent on his car was not major and he could still drive it, I don't believe I should be responsible for covering his rental. What should I do?

Apr 1, 2017 Stamford, CT

Neil Richardson

Apr 1, 2017

You are liable for the rental charge so ultimately you'll have to pay the bill if you don't want to submit a claim with your insurance company. Personally, I would notify my insurance company of the incident in an attempt to have them cover the charge, but that may not be possible. The simplest course of action is to pay the bill and move on.

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