How to remove not at fault homeowners claims

My home owners insurance (condo) was compensated by subrogation from another insurance company. As I try to get another home owners policy for a rental property, that claim and another from 3 years ago, different property, is preventing me from obtaining a policy from my preferred carrier. I was told that the claim would not be counted against me if the tortfeasor's insurance covered the claim. Which they did in its entirety. What can I do if anything to get my carrier to remove the claim against me?

Jun 9, 2018 Greeley, CO

Ava Lynch

Jun 9, 2018

There are some steps you can take to try and get this fixed. Most insurance companies are using what is called a CLUE report. This is basically a total loss history report. You can order a report of your loss history online and see what is it listed as. Next, I would show off of the not-at-fault paid claim to your preferred carrier. This link here will take you there. The next step if things are not marked down correctly is to call the claims department that reported it. Sometimes it is a simple error that needs corrected on their end. If this does not work the final step you can take is disputing it right with LexisNexis, but as a fair warning this would be time consuming and you will have to provide the evidence on why it was done incorrectly.

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