Renters insurance after my boyfriend moves in?

My boyfriend is about to move in with me in a couple of weeks. We're both renters. How do we handle our renters insurance policies? Should he keep his until he moves completely or keep his and just update the address to my apartment?

Dec 30, 2017 Bay Village, Ohio

Ava Lynch

Dec 30, 2017

There's a couple of things you should consider with renters insurance. First, it not only covers your personal property but also your liability. Meaning, if you're found at fault for a covered damage (like a pipe breaks in your apartment and floods into your neighbors' apartment and causes damages), your renters insurance covers you up to your specified loss amount. So, it's important not to cancel your renters insurance until you have a replacement policy. In terms of sharing or separating your policies, you should consider the following pros and cons.


  • You share your limits: By this, we mean that any personal property coverage limits or liability limits are split down the middle. So, if your apartment were to flood and you only have $10,000 of coverage, you and your boyfriend would only get $5,000 for your personal belongings. You can always raise your limits, but that will increase your premium.
  • Shared claims history: any claims your boyfriend would make would also affect your rental insurance history.


  • Split billing
  • Easier policy navigation


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